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Pierre Jacques Pleau
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Performances held at
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38175 Grand Ave.
North Branch, MN USA

 Spring Musical 2013Friendship & Folklore
Underneath The Silvery Moon
historical fiction set in the early 1900's
(follows the Pioneer Spirit Trilogy)
Script, Lyrics & Music by Pierre Jacques Pleau
© copyright 2002-2010 North Star Theater Company
In the region where the Pioneer Spirit Trilogy took place, a community has formed, a solid work ethic has continued, traditions are being carried on and new dreams are being made by the descendants of the pioneers...
 Adventuresome • Thoughtful • Humorous
Debut Performances of the New 2010 Edition 
March 26 & 27, 2010 / NBHS Edelstein Auditorium
 A Youth Musical performed by Ages 9-15
 Directed by Pierre Jacques Pleau

 March 22 & 23, 2013 @ 7 pm
 AngelesAndChantelle.JPG NBHSAuditorium.JPG
 NBHS Edelstein Auditorium
38175 Grand Ave
North Branch, MN

 Tickets:  $9/adults / $5/children ages 12 & under / call for group discount ticket prices

North Star Theater Company 651-674-8129







 Pierre Jacques Pleau
Underneath The Silvery Moon Cast 2010  Behind the Scenes - Pierre & the Cast
~ Underneath The Silvery Moon - Excerpts from the Script ~
 by Pierre Jacques Pleau
© 2010 Pierre Jacques Pleau

 Angeles & Chantelle
Chantelle:  “I admire you for keeping a diary – it takes discipline to put one’s thoughts on paper.”
Angeles:  “It gets easier the more you write.  3 years have already slipped by since I started.  I’d never reread my first entries until now – and I was surprised what I found.”
Chantelle:  “What did you find?”
Angeles:   [Say reflectively,] “I’m not the same person anymore.” [Look at Chantelle and say earnestly,] “I’ve changed so much,” [look down and motion to your reflection in the river,] “I hardly even recognize myself.”
Chantelle:  “[Smile,] “I recognize you Angeles.”
Angeles:  [Say confidingly,] “That’s because I share my hopes and dreams with you Chantelle, but they’re too personal to share with anyone else – and so everyone in Pinecone County, probably thinks I’m still the same girl I was back then.”
Chantelle:  “Do you think so?  I guess I’ve never really thought about it before – but I suppose I’ve changed a lot too.  Now I wish I had a diary to look back on.”
Angeles:  [Say generously,] “You can look at what I’ve written – about the things that we’ve done together.”
Chantelle:  “Really – you’d let me read your diary?”
Angeles:  [Smile,] “Sure,” [Pause and say hesitantly,] “well-l-l, some of it anyhow.”
 Angeles & Luna
Luna:    “The true measure of how much one has learned can be seen by their actions and deeds.”
Angeles:    [Repeat slowly and softly,] “By one’s actions and deeds.”
Luna:   “Yes and often it is the small things that someone does – that add up over time and then one day, brings them to a new awareness of what their role is in the universe.”
Angeles:    “I think I know what you mean.  I’ve been reading my diary and I’ve been reflecting upon what I’ve learned these last few years.  But I’m still trying to piece it together in my mind, so that I can see the whole picture.”
Luna:   “There’s no hurry – simply hold your questions lightly in your heart and the answers you seek will come.” 
Angeles:    “Where will they come from?”
Luna:   “From within.  You already have the answers – you only need to awaken to them.”
Angeles:   “How do I awaken to them?”
Luna:   “Start at the water’s edge, it is a harmonious place for reflecting.”
Angeles:    [Turn to look at the river and repeat softly,] “At the water’s edge.”
Luna:    [Say softly,] “Yes, at the water’s edge.”






Eryn & Friends
Victoria:    [Call to Eryn from behind her parent’s cabin.] “Eryn!”
Eryn:    [Look up from your book startled.  Hurriedly slip the book and pencil in your apron pocket and grab the broom as you call in through the open window,] “I’m almost done sweeping Mama!”
Victoria:    “Hello Eryn.”
Eryn:    [Spin around and exclaim,] “Oh – you startled me!”
Victoria:    “I’m sorry Eryn.”
Eryn:   “I was just finishing my chores here,” [Start sweeping,] “I don’t know why – but they always seem to take forever.”  [Give the porch a couple of brisk strokes and then stop and say with hopeful enthusiasm,] “Would you like to see a poem I’ve been working on writing?!”
Natalie:    “We’d love to hear it.”
Eryn:   “The days are getting longer, we’ve said goodbye to the snow
the air is getting warmer, and to the flowers we’re saying hello.”

Natalie:    “That is so lovely – and so true.  Are you going to write more on it?”
Eryn:    [Say with hope,] “If another line comes to me.”
Natalie:   “Oh – I’m sure it will.”



 Josephine & Friends
Caleb:    “You didn’t scare us a bit – we knew you were following us the whole time.”
Josephine:    [Notice your friends coming down the path behind the boys & say dramatically,] “I’m disappointed that my sneaking skills aren’t advanced enough to surprise you.  I guess your ears must be highly attuned to the nighttime sounds.”
Katrina:    [Walk up behind the boys and say cheerfully,] “I hope we’re not late.”
Boys:    [Spin around in surprise to face Katrina and the other farmer youth.]
Josephine:     [Laugh,] “You’re just in time.”  [March comically over to the schoolhouse bell, stand up straight and tall and say in a dignified manner,] “School is now dismissed.”  [Ring the bell.]
Katrina:    [Play along,] “I think that’s the shortest school day we’ve ever had!”
Josephine:     [Laugh and point to the moon,] “Or the longest – look, the moon is already starting to travel up into the sky.”




Teresa:    “The next couple of months – we’re going to be so busy helping get the crops in – we won’t have much time to spend together.”
Ella:    “You’re right – so let’s not waste another moment.  What shall we do tonight?”
Katrina:    “Transplant wild blueberry bushes of course.  Angeles said we could meet at her house when the moon makes it as bright as day.”
Ella:    “Transplanting blueberry bushes kind of sounds like work to me.”
Katrina:    “It all depends on how you look at it.  I think it’ll be fun.”
Teresa:    “Whichever way you look at it – I love blueberries and the first step in getting more of them – is by planting a bush.  So it’ll be worth the effort.”
Lydia:    “Where are the wild blueberry bushes that Angeles is going to let us dig up?”
Josephine:    [Say to Lydia, with a spooky voice,] “Probably in the woods somewhere!”
Lydia:    [Say nervously,] “Oh!”  [Take a step closer to Katrina.]
Katrina:    “In or on the edge of the woods is where they grow wild.  Angeles is a good guide though – she’ll be able to help us find them.” 

Berry:         “Could someone please tell me where I am – I’m completely lost!”
Everyone:    [Stop playing and look at Berry.]
Barley:       “Are you sure you’re lost – I can still see you.”
Berry:         “I’m so lost – I don’t even know what song we’re playing!”
Barley:        “But we aren’t playing anything at the moment – we’re resting.  I suppose I better keep count.” 
                    [Count  softly,] “1 & 2 & 3 & 4 &…”
Berry:          [Hold up a pawful of sheet music & say,] “Yes, yes, I know, I know, but before you go and start playing 
                    again would someone please tell me where the sheet music is!”
Baker:       “Relax Berry – take a load off your mind – there never was any sheet music for this song – and there
                    probably never will be.”
Basil:         “Let the rhythm flow on out to your paws and tap it out with your claws.”

 SilveryMoon/SilveryMoon108.JPG SilveryMoon/SilveryMoon114.JPG
Ben:        “Wait fellows – don’t go – the bears were counting on meeting you – I already told them you were coming
                 with me.”
Jaiden:    “But how can that be?  I’m sure they don’t speak our language.”
Ben:        “I understand the bears just fine.  Mostly we’ve been communicating with music.  Music is a universal
Jaiden:    “I’m not very musical.”
Ben:         “You don’t have to play with the band – just give them a chance and listen to their music.”
Baker:  “Ben – I like how you drum on those hollow logs!”
Ben:     “Thanks Baker, I’m doing my best.  You know I’ve never had any lessons – but I’ve always dreamt of playing
              in a band.”
Basil:   “Playing from the heart is a great way to make music!”
Ben:     “You’re right Basil – I suppose that’s what I do.  I hear the music inside myself and then I just have to play!”
Basil:   “That’s how I feel too!”
Baker:   “I’ve got some music welling up inside of me right now – just from thinking about it!”
 ~ Behind The Scenes Photos - Director Pierre Jacques Pleau & the Cast 2010 - Click Here ~

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