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A Fiddle Concert for Kids
Music & Storytelling Performance
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 Pierre Jacques Pleau
Musician & Teaching Artist
Minnesota Master Naturalist
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Tap your toes to fiddle tunes,
learn more about this great instrument
and try playing one!
Fiddle music has deep cultural roots
and is a part of the American Pioneer Experience.
Traditionally it was played in farmhouse kitchens,
at barn dances and out on the green.
Concerts feature a fun mix of new and traditional music...
Americana, Appalachian, French-Canadian,
Irish, Scottish and Scandinavian...
Experience the magic of this timeless
instrument at a Fiddle Concert for Kids
Q: “Is it a Violin or is it a Fiddle?”
A: “2 names for 1 fun to play instrument!”
Student size fiddles are provided
for children to try playing at the concert

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Schools: Grades K-6

Childcare Centers: Ages 2-12

Rates based upon location, class size &
number of 30 min. classroom concerts/day.


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Rates based upon location, audience size
and concert length (30 minutes – 1 hour)

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When Pierre Jacques Pleau was 5 years old he was walking through a mall with his parents and saw a small violin in a music shop window. They went in to look at it, but it turned out to be a soprano ukulele. He still thought it looked a lot like a violin and, much to his delight, his parents bought it for him.

When they arrived home, Pleau hurried out to the backyard, found a flexible stick and tied a string on it. Then putting the ukulele on his shoulder, he tried playing it with his makeshift bow. Even though it didn’t make very good sound, he didn’t give up on his dream of learning to play a real violin. Three years later he started taking lessons. Thus began his passion for music and the performing arts.

...Pleau went on to write and produce several youth musicals based on historical fiction of the Midwest pioneer experience and his own personal experience of growing up on an 1880’s homestead.

From 2008-2011, Pleau wrote six youth musicals including the music and lyrics. The musicals were performed at North Branch Area High School and included 69 songs and 18 instrumental pieces, several of which he now sings or plays in his music and storytelling performances...

  NSTC Music Activity Booth


Listen to new and traditional music, learn more about the
fiddle, mandolin, ukulele & guitar and try playing one!


Join in fun easy circle dances and
traditional folk dances such as the Virginia Reel

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Rates based upon location and event length

Serving the Twin Cities, ECMN, & Eastern WI

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