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NSTC Youth Musical Photos

NSTC Youth Musicals

NSTC Youth Musical

NSTC Youth Musical

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 NSTC Youth Musicals


 NSTC Youth Musicals

NSTC Youth Musicals


NSTC Youth Musical

 NSTC Youth Musical

NSTC Youth Musical

NSTC Youth Musical

NSTC Youth Musical


   Fiddle/Violin Lessons

Learn to Play Traditional Fiddle Music &/or Classical Violin Music
Private &/or Family Duo 30 min lessons for ages 6-adult - Beginners Welcome!
~ Fiddle/Violin Intonation Master Classes are also available ~
Pierre Jacques Pleau.jpg
Pierre Jacques Pleau
Musician & Teaching Artist - Fiddle/Violin, Mandolin, Ukulele & Guitar

 Q.  Is it a Fiddle or is it a Violin?

A.  2 names for 1 "fun to play" Instrument!

“Ever wanted to Play an Instrument?  Why wait – Jump in and Start Jamming!”

“Music Lessons are Fun, Relaxed & Easygoing!”

“No Need to ‘Practice’ at Home – Just ‘Play’ your Instrument & you’ll Get Good!”
Pierre Summer Fest Photos.jpg
Summer Festival Photos    

Star.jpg For Fiddle Music Fans Star.jpg

Learn a fun mix of fiddle music to play on the front porch and around the campfire
Music Books/methods used:  ‘American Fiddle Method' ‘Deluxe Fiddling Method’ …
Fiddle Music:   Americana, Appalachian, Bluegrass, Cajun, Celtic, French-Canadian,
Irish, New England, Ragtime, Scandinavian, Swedish, Scottish and Western Swing…
Learn fabulous fiddle playing techniques and fiddle tunes such as, Orange Blossom Special,
Red Haired Boy, Cotton Eyed Joe, Arkansas Traveler, St. Anne’s Reel, Fisher’s Hornpipe,
Kesh Jig, Star of the County Down, Westphalia Waltz, Ragtime Annie, and many more!!!

Star.jpg For Classical Violin Music Enthusiasts Star.jpg

Learn a fun mix of classical violin & folk music using the following books/methods 
‘Suzuki Method' ‘Fiddlers Philharmonic - for Violin’ ‘Essential Elements - for Strings’ …
Learn Classical Violin fingering & bowing techniques while playing folk music and music
by a variety of composers such as, Bach, Handel, Brahms, Schumann, Paganini & Beethoven…

Star.jpg  Both of the above Fiddle & Violin learning methods use the oral music tradition of
‘Listen, Watch & Play!’ as well as standard music notation with ‘Tabs’ for easy reading!

Star.jpg Fiddle/Violin Intonation Master Class for ages 10-adult Star.jpg

“Secret Techniques for Playing in Tune”
~ See more info Below after lesson info ~


Star.jpg Fiddle/Violin Lessons for ages 6-adult

Star.jpg Beginners Welcome!  No previous music experience is necessary!

Star.jpg The Fiddle & Violin learning methods both use the oral music tradition of
‘Listen, Watch & Play!’ as well as standard music notation with ‘Tabs’ for easy reading!

Star.jpg Fiddle Lessons include ‘Jamming’ with, mandolin, ukulele &/or guitar accompaniment

Star.jpg As Fiddle students progress they can sign-up for “NSTC Jam Camps”

Star.jpg As Classical Violin students progress they can sign-up for “NSTC Music Camps”

Star.jpg Students can also audition to perform fiddle music at festivals & in the NSTC Youth Musicals

Star.jpg Sign-up for an “Intro to the Fiddle/Violin” to find out more about this great instrument

Star.jpg Instrument provided upon request for the “Intro Lesson” - dependent on availability

Star.jpg NSTC rents Fiddles/Violins – see info below

Star.jpg Private &/or Family Duo 30 min. weekly lessons are held year round

Star.jpg NBAPS - North Branch, MN, USA 

Star.jpg CCS - Cambridge, MN, USA

Star.jpg Mobile Lessons are also available - click here for more info 

Star.jpg Fun Options for Family & Friends:

Duo Lessons:  Parent/child, Grandparent/grandchild or siblings...  Take a 30 min duo lesson on the same kind of instrument (example: fiddle).

Private Lessons:  Take 30 min. private lessons back to back with a friend or family member (example:  1 guitar & 1 fiddle) and spend part of the time jamming together!

Star.jpg Call for current prices and openings

Star.jpg Pierre @ North Star Theater Company 651-674-8129

Star.jpg Contact NSTC online:  "Info Request Form"


 Star.jpg Fiddle/Violin Intonation Master Class for ages 10-adult Star.jpg

“Secret Techniques for Playing in Tune”
This Master Class is for those that already play traditional fiddle or classical violin music and have ‘Fake Frets’ (tape marks) on their fingerboard and want to go fretless or for those that are playing without ‘Fake Frets’ but are still struggling to find and recognize the notes on their fretless fingerboard.  Currently this Master Class is available for the keys of A, D & G Major in 1st position and includes fingering and bowing technique for Excellent Intonation!  For the ‘Master Class’ students need to have a ‘good sounding’ ‘playable’ instrument (bridge and nut height set up for optimal playability) and a new set of high quality strings for optimal clarity and resonation.  This Master Class includes 4 or more 30 minute or 1 hour Private lessons.  Call Pierre @ 651-674-8129 for current prices and availability.

Receive a Fiddle - Rent *Free for 1 Month
when you sign-up for an 'Intro to the Fiddle or Violin' session!
* There is a security deposit required, due at the signing of the
rental contract ($75 or $100 based upon the instrument being rented).
* Offer good while supplies last.
* Offer expires 1/30/17
*Limit - 1 per family
(Fiddle/violin, bow & case)
NSTC Offers Sizes: 1/8, 1/4, 1/2, 3/4 & 4/4 (full size)
For Rent from NSTC:  $16/month

Call NSTC 651-674-8129 for instrument availability

Star.jpg Host a Music Workshop and/or Theater Camp in your Community...                                   
     Festivals Star.jpg Schools Star.jpg Public Libraries Star.jpg Childcare Centers Star.jpg Youth Groups... 
     Music Workshops:  fiddle, mandolin, ukulele & guitar

Star.jpg For more info call:  North Star Theater Company 651-674-8129


"Go Get Your Fiddle and Get Ready to Play!"
at the 2017 Winter Theater Camp
The Kitty Cats of Pinecone County
Directed by Pierre Jacques Pleau
NSTC Kitty Cat Theater Camp 2017
Have fun learning about Musical Theater while acting out scenes from
The Kitty Cats of Pinecone County

In this ‘Cat Tale’ Musical, when everyone’s kitty cats start getting into mischief, one of the farmer youth, Josephine, comes up with a logical solution…  “Since they want to play,” she says to her friend Lydia, “Lets teach them how to play the fiddle!”  The kitty cats are quite attentive at their lessons and they progress quickly, however when it comes time to perform at the barn dance, there are still plenty of distractions to overcome – mice, birds and goldfish!  Put on a flannel shirt and get ready to pitch hay or put on cat ears and get ready to play in this lively ‘Cat Tale’ Musical!
For:          Ages 7-12 "All Acting Experience Levels Welcome!"
Date:        Sat. March 25, 2017
Time:       10-11:30 am
Location:   NBAHS Edelstein Auditorium, North Branch, MN, USA
Cost:        $10/student
Enrollment:  Camp enrollment limited to 16 participants.
Parents are invited to watch the last 10 min. of camp.
Note:  No filming or photo taking due to copyright.
Star.jpg  Register by calling NSTC 651-674-8129

Star.jpg Contact NSTC online:  "Info Request Form"


Star.jpg Additional Upcoming 2017 Winter/Spring Theater Day Camp Dates  Star.jpg
Sat. April 29
Star.jpg Coming Summer 2017 Star.jpg
NSTC 5 day Summer Musical Theater Camp & Performance
Prerequisite for new students:  Either attend a NSTC Musical Theater Day Camp
(like the one above) or a Musical Theater Skills private 30 minute lesson.
NSTC Kitty Cat Theater Camp  NSTC Kitty Cat Theater Camp
NSTC Kitty Cat Theater Camp                 NSTC Kitty Cat Theater Camp

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