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Director - Pierre Jacques Pleau
and the Cast From
Underneath The Silvery Moon

Join Pierre Jacques Pleau
and learn toe tapping fiddle tunes

to play around the campfire

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Pioneer Spirit
Folklore & Friendship
The Pioneer Spirit Trilogy

Script, Lyrics & Music
by Pierre Jacques Pleau
© 2008-2009
North Star Theater Company

Traveling Down the Wagon Trail… 
Beneath The Big Blue Sky
Homesteading the Land… 
Between The Northern Pines
Celebrating the Harvest… 
Amid The Rolling Hills
Host 1, 2 or all 3 Musicals
in your community…

Theater Auditions
for Ages 9-15
Theater Rehearsals
(10-26 depending on hours/day)


Beneath The Big Blue Sky
(Script includes 10 Songs)
(Cast:  18)
(Performance Length:  1 hour)
(Stage or Amphitheater)

Between The Northern Pines
(Script includes 13 Songs)
(Cast:  22)
(Performance Length: 1 hr. 30 min.)

Amid The Rolling Hills
(Script includes 14 Songs)
(Cast:  21)
(Performance Length:  1 hr. 15 min.)
(Stage or Amphitheater)

For Booking Info Call
North Star Theater Company

Summer Musical 2012

Summer Musical 2012

This is the 3rd Musical in the Pioneer Spirit Trilogy
the sequel to Between The Northern Pines
Adventuresome • Thoughtful • Humorous
2012AmidTheRollingHills/12ATRH111.JPG  Theater Auditions for Youth  2012AmidTheRollingHills/12ATRH114.JPG

Directed by Pierre Jacques Pleau

Mon. Aug. 13, Tues. Aug. 14 & Fri. Aug. 17, 2012

7:00 pm (general seating - doors open at 6:30 pm)
Tickets can be purchased
in advance by calling NSTC 651-674-8129 or at the door 8/13, 14 & 17
Tickets:  $9/Adults & $5/Children ages 12 and under

 NBHS Edelstein Auditorium

38175 Grand Ave
North Branch, MN
~ See Photos & Script Excerpts Below ~

 2012AmidTheRollingHills/12ATRH112.JPG  AmidTRH2.JPG  2012AmidTheRollingHills/12ATRH113.JPG

 Pioneer Youth – Annabelle & Ariana
“The sun has been setting sooner, Autumn is on it’s way
the dreams I planted here last spring can be harvested today”

Lyrics from:  Harvesting My Dreams

This Musical features 14 songs by Pierre Jacques Pleau

Annabelle, Georgette & Ariana
Ariana:  “This evening we’re going to celebrate our harvest - would you like to join us Georgette?!”
Georgette:  “I’d love to Ariana, but I don’t know if I can afford to take time away from bringing in the crops.”
Annabelle:  “Taking a few hours away from the field Georgette, would rejuvenate your body, mind and spirit – and give you strength to meet the days ahead.”
 Ariana:  “Please say you’ll come, Georgette. We’re inviting everyone who helped us replant our tater crop.”
Georgette:  “Well I suppose in that case, I should really be helping you host the celebration; being that everyone helped me plant my crops as well.  Yes Ariana – I’ll come!”
 Pernella, Rheanna, Tasha & Fuchsia
 ~ Meeting of the Fairies for the Changing of the Seasons ~
Rheanna:    “Fuchsia, I was wondering how to explain to the critters that not all food is free for the taking.”
Fuchsia:    “Are you referring to the fields of vegetables and grains that the pioneers planted.”
Rheanna:    “Yes that’s right.”
Pernella:    “I was wondering the same thing.  I imagine that it could cause a bit of confusion for the animals that are used to foraging on this land.”
Rheanna:    “Especially for raccoons!”
 ~ Raccoons – Rusty & Royal venture out of their den to look for food ~
Rusty:  “What do you smell Royal?”
Royal:  “Autumn is coming!”
Rusty:  “Who is Autumn – I don’t think we’ve met before.”
Royal:  “Autumn isn’t a girl – it’s a season – it’s harvest time!”
~ Playful black bear cubs – Autumn & Amber ~
Amber:  “Look Autumn – I bet it was those Raccoons who were calling your name”
Autumn:  “What do you think they want Amber?”
Amber:  “I bet they want to play a game with us!”
 Aubree, Rusty, Linnea & Royal
Aubree:    “Would you like to come to a harvest celebration with us - Annabelle, one of our neighbors, invited us – and she said we could bring a couple of our friends.”
Royal:    “That’s very thoughtful of you Aubree – but I don’t think we’d fit in.”
Aubree:    “You might dress a little different than some of our friends, but that doesn’t change who you are on the inside.”
Royal:    “Yes that’s true – but it’s a celebration for people – not raccoons.”
Linnea:    “No one would know that you’re a raccoon – if you dressed up in pioneer clothes – like you did when we first met.”
Royal:    “You’re right – I suppose we could!”
Aubree:    “You’ll come then?!”
Rusty:    “You can count us in!”
   2012AmidTheRollingHills/12ATRH119.JPG  2012AmidTheRollingHills/12ATRH120.JPG
2012AmidTheRollingHills/12ATRH121.JPG  2012AmidTheRollingHills/12ATRH122.JPG  2012AmidTheRollingHills/12ATRH123.JPG
~ Meet the Cast from The Pioneer Spirit Trilogy ~
Pioneer Youth:
Annabelle - thoughtful and optimistic
Georgette - generous and reliable (Annabelle’s Cousin.)
Ariana - dreamy and idealistic (Annabelle’s younger sister.)
Aubree - adventuresome and mischievous
Linnea - spontaneous but cautious (Aubree’s younger sister.)
Angelica - tenderhearted and creative
Dustine - courageous and considerate
Flora - reflective & thoughtful
Beverly - caring and conscientious
Gabriella - sincere and kindhearted

Chadwick the Wildlife Artist
Fuchsia the Flower Fairy
Tasha the Tree Fairy
Pernella the Prairie Fairy
Rheanna the River Fairy
Hadley the Hermit – quick, determined and doesn’t hesitate to take the initiative
Harlow the Hermit    – good natured, speedy and likes to avoid trouble
Rusty the Raccoon    – sociable, with an easygoing sense of humor
Royal the Raccoon    – eloquent, formal but a bit impish
Autumn & Amber the playful Bear Cubs


Spring Musical 2012
The 2nd Musical in the Pioneer Spirit Trilogy
Fri. March 23 and Sat. March 24
6:30 pm
NBHS Edelstein Auditorium
Between The Northern Pines 2012
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