Music Lessons - North Branch, MN USA
Music Lessons - North Branch, MN USA
Music Lessons - North Branch, MN USA
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North Branch, MN USA
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NSTC Youth Musical 

 NSTC Youth Musical

NSTC Youth Musical

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NSTC Youth Musical


   Acoustic Guitar Lessons

for ages 9-adult – Beginners Welcome!
Private &/or Family Duo weekly lessons
Pierre Jacques Pleau.jpg
Pierre Jacques Pleau
North Star Theater Company Artistic Director
Musician & Teaching Artist - Fiddle/Violin, Ukulele, Guitar & Mandolin

“Ever wanted to Play the Guitar?  Why wait – Jump in and Start Jamming!”

“Music Lessons are Fun, Relaxed & Easygoing!”

“No Need to ‘Practice’ at Home – Just ‘Play’ your Instrument & you’ll Get Good!”

Star.jpg Beginners Welcome!  No previous music experience is necessary!

Star.jpg Learn a fun mix of music to play on the front porch and around the campfire!

Americana, Appalachian, Bluegrass, Cajun, Celtic, French-Canadian, Irish, New England, Ragtime, Scandinavian, Swedish, Scottish and Western Swing…

Star.jpg Learn by listening, watching and playing!

Star.jpg Learn to read music tablature & sheet music

Star.jpg Lessons include ‘Jamming’ with fiddle, mandolin, ukulele &/or guitar accompaniment

Star.jpg As students progress they can sign-up for “NSTC Jam Camps”

Star.jpg Students can also audition to perform at festivals & in the NSTC Youth Musicals

Star.jpg Sign-up for an “Intro to the Acoustic Guitar” to find out more about this great instrument

Star.jpg Instrument provided upon request for the “Intro Lesson” - dependent on availability

Star.jpg Private &/or Family Duo 30 min. weekly lessons are held year round

Star.jpg NBAPS - North Branch, MN, USA 

Star.jpg CCS - Cambridge, MN, USA

Star.jpg Mobile Lessons (Your Location)

Star.jpg Lesson Locations - More Info

Star.jpg Fun Options for Family & Friends:

Duo Lessons:  Take a 30 min duo lesson on the same kind of instrument (example: guitar).

Private Lessons:  Take 30 min. private lessons back to back with a friend or family member (example:  1 guitar & 1 fiddle) and spend part of the time jamming together!

Star.jpg Students need to have their own *Acoustic Folk Guitar (**see more guitar info below)

Star.jpg *Instrument provided upon request for the “Intro Lesson” - dependent on availability

Star.jpg For youth lessons, parents are welcome to attend

Star.jpg Call for current prices and openings

Star.jpg Pierre @ North Star Theater Company 651-674-8129

Star.jpg Contact NSTC online:  "Info Request Form"


** The Acoustic Folk Guitar has steel strings and is used for playing country, bluegrass & folk music… 

(There are also Acoustic/Electric Folk Guitars, which can be plugged into an amp for performing but also sound good without being plugged in.)

Guitar Recommendations:

For ages 9-12:  Size ¾ Acoustic Folk Guitar with extra light steel strings for ease of playing. 

For ages 13-Adult size ¾ or a mini/travel Acoustic Folk Guitar for ease of playing and taking with you!

If you already have a guitar but don't know which kind it is, look at the headstock and compare it to the photos below.

Guitar Headstock.jpg

The second photo is the headstock of the Classical/Spanish Acoustic Guitar which has nylon strings and is used for playing Spanish & classical music…  It has a wider fretboard than an Acoustic Folk Guitar, which can make it harder for youth and beginners to play. 

Note:  For NSTC Lessons students need to have their own good sounding playable Acoustic Folk Guitar in order to make the most of their lessons and also for their own enjoyment of playing at home…


Star.jpg Host a Music Workshop and/or Theater Camp in your Community...                                   
   Festivals Star.jpg Schools Star.jpg Public Libraries Star.jpg Childcare Centers Star.jpg Youth Groups... 
     Music Workshops:  fiddle, mandolin, ukulele & guitar

Star.jpg For more info call:  North Star Theater Company 651-674-8129

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Pierre Jacques Pleau
Musician & Teaching Artist - NSTC Artistic Director

Music Lessons:  Fiddle/Violin (Country, Folk, Bluegrass…)  Violin (Classical/Folk)

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