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NBAHS Edelstein Auditorium
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NSTC Youth Musical Photos

NSTC Youth Musicals

NSTC Youth Musical

 NSTC Youth Musicals


 NSTC Youth Musicals

NSTC Youth Musicals


NSTC Youth Musical

 NSTC Youth Musical

NSTC Youth Musical

NSTC Youth Musical

NSTC Youth Musical

NSTC Youth Musical


 Star.jpg Music Lessons Star.jpg
Private &/or Family Duo 30 min. lessons with
   Pierre's Music Students NBHSAuditorium.JPG MusicStudents/FiddlerGirls3.JPG
Lessons held year round
NBHS Edelstein Auditorium - North Branch, MN, USA

Star.jpg Theater/Acting Skills ages 7-15

Star.jpg "What was that?! Say that again!" ages 6-11
   Star.jpg Improve Articulation & Enunciation through Acting!
Star.jpg Theater Dance ages 7-15
Star.jpg Theater Camps ages 6-12 
Star.jpg Youth Musical Auditions ages 9-15 
 For more info &/or to reserve a time spot call
Pierre @ North Star Theater Company
NSTC Youth Theater / Children's Theater
Performing Arts Series
for Youth  ages 9-15
by Pierre Jacques Pleau
6 Musicals that weave 3 centuries together through
traditions and values which are carried on by descendants 
Adventuresome • Thoughtful • Humorous
Traveling Down the Wagon Trail
Beneath The Big Blue Sky
Homesteading the Land
Between The Northern Pines
Celebrating the Harvest 
Amid The Rolling Hills
Friendship & Folklore
Underneath The Silvery Moon
Friendship & Folklore
In the Glow of the Setting Sun
An Environmental Musical
Land, Air & Water
   NSTC Youth Musical  NSTC Youth Musical  NSTC Youth Musical
NSTC Produces 2 Youth Musicals per year
at the NBHS Edelstein Auditorium
Winter/Spring & Summer
Theater Auditions for Youth   2012AmidTheRollingHills/12ATRH122.JPG
Host a Youth Musical in your Community
Auditions • Rehearsals • Performances
Call NSTC for Booking information
2012AmidTheRollingHills/12ATRH116.JPG  2012AmidTheRollingHills/12ATRH117.JPG

Behind the Scenes Photos


Director - Pierre Jacques Pleau
and the Cast From

Spring Youth Musical 2013
  SilveryMoon113.JPG SilveryMoon/SilveryMoon109.JPG

Star.jpg Performance Page Star.jpg

Summer Youth Musical 2013
InTheGlow/InTheGlow211.JPG  InTheGlow/InTheGlow215.JPG  InTheGlow/InTheGlow220.JPG

Star.jpg Performance Page Star.jpg


Star.jpg Summer Theater Camps Star.jpg
Star.jpg Summer Youth Musical Auditions Star.jpg

Do you enjoy singing? 
Have you ever thought about being in a musical?
12BTNP4.JPG   LandAirWater11.JPG
 Learn more about musical theater
through fun theatrical singing/vocal lessons.
 NSTC Rents Fiddle/Violin Outfits for $4/week
Q.  Is it a Fiddle or is it a Violin?
A.  2 names for 1 "fun to play" Instrument!

Star.jpg Music & Dancing Star.jpg
● Wedding Receptions ● Garden Parties
● Banquets ● Celebrations ● Events

Fiddler Pierre  Music & Dancing

Pierre Jacques Pleau
Strolling Minstrel

 New & traditional music
played table to table...

Add Dancing to the Festivities 
for Youth & Families
Fun and easy
circle dances &/or 
the Virginia Reel! 

Star.jpg Click Here for More Info Star.jpg


Music & Storytelling Performances
for ages 2-12 & Families
Schools, Childcare Centers, Youth Groups, Camps...

Pierre Jacques Pleau
singer, song writer & musician
fiddle & mandolin

Music & Storytelling for ages 2-12 & Families Music & Storytelling for ages 2-12 & Families Music & Storytelling for ages 2-12 & Families


Songs & Stories about Vegetables & Fruit




JugglingWithPierre1.JPG    IMAGE008.GIF

with Pierre Jacques Pleau

(follows the Friendship & Folklore Musical Series) 
  Adventuresome • Thoughtful • Humorous
Set in the present times, a group of youth attends the
North Star Environmental Explorations Camp
at a National Park
Debut Performances
March 25th & 26th, 2011
NBHS Edelstein Auditorium
The Musical featured
20 youth ages 9-15
from 7 MN communities

Host the Musical &/or Land, Air & Water Presentations
at your school or in your community

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